What is your hobby?

For those that do not know, when I am not blogging, I paint. I paint canvas, wood, even my nails. I love it. It gives me a chance to make the world how I want it to be, at least on that canvas. I paint Bible verses, angelic-like women, cartoons, and my favorite, fairies! The point is, this hobby of mine no matter how talented or the lack there of, gives me another sense of peace and creativity. I do not have a very busy life right now. I am taking a break from college for the summer, and I do not have a job right now either, in the next month I have had or will have six doctor’s appointments so most bosses would not find that appeasing in a future employee. That is okay though, this too shall pass. Moving on, even though it seems that my life is full of free time, I do not paint as much as I should. Why is that?

Maybe this is another way the devil sneaks his way in our lives and takes control over any positive activity you may enjoy. Or maybe the lack of motivation I have been experiencing is because I have felt pretty awful lately.. Maybe it is deeper than that. Maybe there is a part of me deep down that refuses to paint and proudly show my work off because of fear of rejection. No matter what the answer is, tonight I will paint. Within less than ten minutes of having that paint brush in my hand and paint surely on my face somehow, I will be overwhelmed with a sense of comfort, happiness, and freedom.

So find that hobby for you. Find something that fills your heart with joy and boosts your confidence at the same. Do not let a lack of motivation seep into your bones and keep you from experiencing this magic. I won’t for today at least. 


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