Biopsy Day

Today I went in to the dermatologist office expecting them to do a biopsy on my oral and genital ulcers. After she examined all my ulcers she told me it definitely looked like BehΓ§et’s, which to my surprise she has actually treated before! She told me because it looked so similar to BehΓ§et’s she didn’t think the biopsy was necessary. She said we could do prednisone for three weeks, lowering the dosage each week, and if it responds then we would assume it is Behcet’s. I thought I wanted to do the biopsy because I just really wanted answers, but the doctor, nurse, and my mom all told me it was not necessary. As soon as the nurse and Doctor left the room, I started to cry. I felt like I would never be able to get answers without that biopsy. So when the nurse came back in I again asked if she thought I should do the biopsy and again she told me it isn’t necessary. I again started to cry and explain to her this has been a year long process of thinking I had this disease without any definite answers. So finally I had the guts to say, “Let’s do the biopsy.” The doctor came back in and told me the numbing would be the worse part of the procedure. She numbed it, I felt a slight pinch and a sting; however, it was not bad at all! Then she used a punch (looked like a cookie cutter) to cut the ulcer completely out. She then put the piece she cut out into a little bottle and put two small, silk stitches in. I’m a huge baby, but that pain was not bad at all. Now it’s an hour later and the numbing has worn off some so I’m a little sore and swollen. Once again, I’m very thankful that I listened to my gut and did the biopsy because now I will have a pretty accurate answer in just a week.Β image