Ask yourself some questions.

Today’s blog is going to be a little different. It isn’t going to be a Bible study. It isn’t going to be written in proper, perfect writing. However, it is going to come from the heart.


For a while now I have been soul searching. I had some questions about myself, my past,  and my future, that I had to find the answers to and only I know the answers to. Why am I self-conscious? Why do I find it so hard to trust men? Why am I so judgmental of myself? Why can I not decide what I want to do with my life? Why am I sick?

I don’t have everything figured out, but what I have figured is that its okay to not have it all figured out. Sometimes you have to sit back and think, “Why am I this way?” Because to understand why you are who you are, is to love and appreciate yourself a step further. 

-Why am I so self-conscious? Because I compare myself to others.

-Why do I find it so hard to trust men? Because men have hurt me so much in the past.

-Why am I so judgmental of myself? Because I am a very opinionated person.

-Why can I not decide what I want to do with my life? Because I am only 21.

-Why am I sick? Because God needs leaders for other individuals struggling with my disease.

Take a second to ask yourself important questions about you and what is going on in your life right now. Sometimes life can be so painful and confusing that we avoid asking ourselves these questions because we may not like the answers. Let me make this clear, that is okay. You may not like the answer to why you behave a certain way or why you are in the predicament you are in, but knowing why you got there will show you how to get out. 

I should not compare myself to others. I should not blame all men for the faults of some. I need to be more accepting of myself. I need to accept that I don’t have the rest of my life figured out right now. I need to step up and inspire other people with my same issues and concerns.


Ask yourself some questions today and find out some answers about yourself.


James 3:7-8

“People can tame and already have tamed every kind of animal, bird, reptile, and fish. No one can tame the tongue, though. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.”‭‭James‬ ‭3:7-8‬ ‭CEB‬‬
Read the verse again. 


Last time. 

Now think. What do you think about this verse? Can you remember some mean things people have said to you? Someone called you ugly? You overheard someone say you weren’t that smart? That person who broke your heart who basically told you that you weren’t good enough? Feel that pain again. That kind of pain that no one seems to be able to describe. When someone says something that hurts you, it can hurt worse that a knife. 
Learn from other people’s mistakes. God tells us plainly that the tongue can not be tamed and it is full of deadly poison and yet we still lash out at one another, call each other names, lose our temper with children, tear our partners down. All with our words. The poison from our tongues is deadly. It can kill someone’s hope in humanity. It can kill our children’s sense of wonder. It can kill our friendships. It can kill our marriages. It can kill our relationship with Christ. 

Don’t let the poison from your tongue ruin your life, but let the grace from God’s love enrich it. Have a blessed day guys! 

Psalms 59:16

“But I will sing about your strength, my God, and I will celebrate because of your love. You are my fortress, my place of protection in times of trouble.”‭‭Psalms‬ ‭59:16‬ ‭CEVUS06‬‬
I will sing about your strength, my God… God’s strength is so powerful and unlike anything we have ever witnessed, that we should sing about it. Rejoice that He has the kind of strength and power to save us from evil. I will celebrate because of your love… God’s love is unconditional. God’s love is powerful. God’s love is relentless. We should celebrate because we have that kind of love. We should celebrate that we know that kind of love. You are my fortress, my place of protection in times of trouble. When all else fails run to God. He is our home. He is our Savior. Accepting God’s love iscomparable to walking into your warm, inviting home  after spending years wandering aimlessly in the cold rain. When you feel like losing hope, God is there to give you the guidance and protection to see you through the storm. Remember this today. Spread love and positivity today. Embrace God’s love today. 
Have a blessed day! 

Saving Grace Art Works 

Saving Grace Art Works is the name of my new business. I create one of a kind jewelry and art pieces. Because of my recent medical issues, having a job right now is not feasible. However, I am absolutely loving this new adventure! I get to spend all day focusing positive, creative energy into art instead of my illness and for that I am beyond thankful. This business to me, represents breathing new life into old pieces (I repurpose jewelry, wood, etc,) putting religious notes into every aspect of life (I paint tons of pieces with Bible verses,) and the new hope this business venture has given me. So whether or not you even look up my etsy account, I would like to encourage you to support local and small business. To large corporations, you are just another dollar; but to me and other companies like mine, you are hope! 

Do not put off what makes you happy..

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in all the things you think you need to get done as soon as possible. Groceries need to be bought. Bills need to be paid. Dead lines need to be met. Now, all these things do need to be done; however, we do not need to get so caught up in these things that we forget the things that are more important. Read your Bible. Dance around the house like an idiot. Write.

My biggest issue in life as of late, has been not paying attention to the things I know make me happy out of pure laziness. Sometimes after you get everything done that just has to be done, you feel so tired that you lay on the couch and scroll mindless through Facebook. I do not want tiredness to be an excuse to not be happy, because laying on the couch is not going to make me happy either. This can especially be difficult when you have a chronic illness because sometimes I can confuse my “laziness” for my body actually giving up on me.

Take more time to do the things that make you happy and less time convincing yourself you do not have time do to those things. 

Looking at social media can sometimes distract you from your own happiness and inner peace.

The Truth About Love

As a young teenage girl, I found myself in love with someone who was not the right person for me; like I am sure all of us have. I gave and gave and gave. My fault was giving too much. I poured every once of love, attention, and patience I had into this relationship for almost four years before finally one day I looked into the mirror and saw an unfamiliar girl.

Four years prior, the girl I would have seen in the mirror was full of light and self-confidence. She was bubbly and child-like. She believed she was a gift from God. Although she was quite fun, she was a cruel girl who had no understanding of people’s feelings. Four years into the future it was the same girl, but with many changes. This girl was scared. She had spent so much time feeling vulnerable she had no idea what it was like to feel secure. She was torn down. She had given so much that she had nothing left. She was a fool. She let people hurt her and somehow always let it slide. She was insecure and had issues with self harm. This girl had a long road ahead of her. Like trying to put a square peg in a round hole (old southern saying,) this relationship and many other aspects of her life would never work out because they were trials God had planned for her since the beginning to turn her into the person she was destined to be. After ending that relationship, the girl sought out God in a way she never had before. She felt her whole life needed a clean sweep and that is exactly what she did. Everyday she woke up early with a goal in mind, clean out the dressers, organize the shoes, paint the furniture, etc. While preforming these cleansing tasks, she would listen to peaceful Christian music. When she was done, she would read her Bible and make very descriptive notes almost to the point where she rewrote the New Testament. Within weeks, she could feel the damage of years being erased from her mind and body. Self-harm was never again a thought. Self-confidence came from within. Security came from saying, “God has my back.” Still far from perfect she looks back, not with fear, anger, or resentment for any of the past people that attributed to her downfall. She looks back gracefully and thankfully. Soon these faults she once thought she had, became some of her most treasured aspects of her own personality.


I love my child-like nature. No matter how much it may be perceived as naivety, trust me I am far from it. I love that I give people the benefit of the doubt because most people are so quick to judge. I love that I am a generous person because I get that from my mother. I have no problem admitting now that I am a lover, not a fighter and that is not a bad thing. Every experience you have with love will help you find your true self in the end. Just because something does not work out with someone does not mean either of you are bad people. Some people just are not made for each other. Some people are just in your path so you can learn more about yourself. Never be discouraged by disappointments in life because God has a bigger plan than what you can even dream of.


Now, love has several different meanings and facets, like a tree with never-ending branches. Love is reading my Bible. Love is a long conversation with my mother. Love is typing on this computer. Love is having a paint brush in my hand. Love is my boyfriend reminding me to do the things I love to do. Love is the sound of my nieces laughing. Love is trusting I will not be hurt again. Love is understanding people’s flaws as a deeper definition of themselves. Love is ignoring snoring. Love is praying for those who have hurt you. Love is being surrounded by family. Love is looking in the mirror and knowing I am so much more on the inside. Love is being sick and thanking God at the end of the day for your health. Love is praying for your family, friends, and neighbors. Love is embracing my true self. The truth about love is, classic tales of love, such as Romeo and Juliet, are shallow examples of what it can be. God is love. Love is everywhere and I am so thankful to have found it.

What is your hobby?

For those that do not know, when I am not blogging, I paint. I paint canvas, wood, even my nails. I love it. It gives me a chance to make the world how I want it to be, at least on that canvas. I paint Bible verses, angelic-like women, cartoons, and my favorite, fairies! The point is, this hobby of mine no matter how talented or the lack there of, gives me another sense of peace and creativity. I do not have a very busy life right now. I am taking a break from college for the summer, and I do not have a job right now either, in the next month I have had or will have six doctor’s appointments so most bosses would not find that appeasing in a future employee. That is okay though, this too shall pass. Moving on, even though it seems that my life is full of free time, I do not paint as much as I should. Why is that?

Maybe this is another way the devil sneaks his way in our lives and takes control over any positive activity you may enjoy. Or maybe the lack of motivation I have been experiencing is because I have felt pretty awful lately.. Maybe it is deeper than that. Maybe there is a part of me deep down that refuses to paint and proudly show my work off because of fear of rejection. No matter what the answer is, tonight I will paint. Within less than ten minutes of having that paint brush in my hand and paint surely on my face somehow, I will be overwhelmed with a sense of comfort, happiness, and freedom.

So find that hobby for you. Find something that fills your heart with joy and boosts your confidence at the same. Do not let a lack of motivation seep into your bones and keep you from experiencing this magic. I won’t for today at least. 


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