Daily Christian Challenge Overview!

So I have come up with a new idea that I am very excited to tell you all about. I will start writing out a Daily Christian Challenge, which consist of daily challenges (very easy and simple, examples: read one specific chapter of Bible this Sunday, go for a walk, think of things you like about yourself, etc.) Each month will have a specific theme or area your life that may need improvement. I will be posting daily blog post so we can go through the challenges together. Invite friends, family, tell your church members, maybe even make a weekly Bible study group each week going over what you have learned and your experiences. I created this because I know there are several people out there who love to participate in a group study, but may not be able because of work, social anxiety, lack of a home church, etc. I would love for this to become a huge discussion and have plenty of comments and feedback to make this the most informative and helpful experience possible.

August’s theme will be, Finding Clarity! Every Sunday we will read a chapter of Isaiah, starting with chapter 40 and ending with 43 or possibly 44, so not too much reading. Also, a Bible is not required! I will post the full chapter I ask you to read each Sunday in addition to my thoughts on it.

To make everything more clear, here is the first week in challenges:

Monday 8/1  Journal: Write down how life up to this point has been include the good, bad, and the ugly. Where is your relationship with God? Where is your relationship with yourself? Keep this handy! You’ll need it!

Tuesday 8/2 Compliment as many people as possible.

Wednesday 8/3 Thank your co-workers.

Thursday 8/4 Make a conscious effort not to worry.

Friday 8/5 Take a walk with God.

Saturday 8/6 Tell your family/ close friends you love them and God loves them.

Sunday 8/7 Bible Study! Isaiah 40 (Do not worry! I will post the chapter for anyone who needs it!)

In addition, I will ask that on the last day you send the journal from Day One and Day Thirty to my email (justkelseysblogwordpress@gmail.com located in contact me page also) so I can see how this may have helped you and what improvements I can make on next month’s challenge! Let me know what you think in the comments below!